Coordination and realization of adaptation works in stores, shops, bank agencies, restaurants and other gastronomy facilities of the Tenants in shopping arcades, as well as in independent units.

In terms of construction investments, and specifically in terms of office spaces, we offer coordination and complex fit-out services.

Overview of services

  • Drawing up Tenants’ Manuals
  • Drawing up standard technical appendices to lease contracts, specifying the scope of works to be carried out by the landlord and the tenant
  • Negotiating technical conditions, modifications of installations and structures in the building, drawing up non-standard technical appendices to lease contracts
  • Coordinating and controlling tenants’ documentations
  • Calculating the costs of modifications on the basis of tenants’ documentation and prices agreed on with the contractors of construction and installation works
  • Complex realization of construction-finishing works and installations works (electrical installations, structural networks, Fire Alarm and Public Address systems, sprinkler systems, HVAC) as part of fit-out adaptation projects, in the role of the General Contractor
  • Supervision inspector services for the tenants
  • Coordinating and attending official acceptance procedures
  • Compiling as-built documentation for the tenants’ facilities