About the company

Our qualified personnel and our extensive experience ensure highest global standard performance, guaranteeing quality, punctuality and cost-efficiency. JM project was established in the 90s. In our history, we have realized dozens of investments, offering our services to final customers and corporations. Our distinguishing features:

The biggest fault of Polish construction companies is the lack of professionalism, also colloquially referred to as “botch”. At JM Project, we don’t know this term and we will not let our Clients know it, since we say NO to botch.
+Punctuality – all works finished on schedule
You have probably heard of delayed completion of projects. We are aware that untimely execution has negative effect not only on our Clients, but also on our activity. If we declare a specific term in the cost estimate, we know that its postponement will not be advantageous for either party. We can count, thus we know that we cannot allow ourselves to stall our involvement in a project. Next projects are always waiting in line.
+The cost estimate is solid as a rock
We do not want to win contracts at all cost. If the price is the primary criterion – we will not stretch the cost estimates, since this will come out sooner or later. An approved cost estimate is solid as a rock. It is a stage which we treat with utmost gravity. This does not mean we are expensive. We keep in touch with current trends and appraise our projects according to the factual state, and not the wish or our ordering party.
+The best quality-to-price index
Although we don’t „stretch” our cost estimates, our services are characterized by the best quality-to-price index. What this means is that we offer attractive prices and that planning your realization is beneficial for both parties.
+Partnership relations with the client
All and any cooperation should be based on partnership relations. If such is missing, we can encounter exploitation, abuse of power, lack of respect, disregard, etc. Nobody would like to work in an environment of such cooperation with the subcontractor. Therefore, we strive at being a partner, which is also what we expect from the other parties.

Our mission

Our mission is to offer highest quality services to respond to the needs of our Clients, to satisfy their financial and quality requirements, all in respect of the rights of our employees, in respect of social standards and the natural environment. It is our mission to create a company which would lead the standards in the sector of construction services and will serve as partner to the largest companies on the market.